Villa Styling’s Louise Roche on Growing a Thriving Styling Business for Boutique Brands


Curious to know how you can turn your love for interiors and styling into a thriving business?

Come listen to my conversation with Louise Roche of Studio Villa Styling who has created a profitable niche for herself working with boutique brands and has had her work featured in leading magazines.


  • How Louise immersed herself in art & design at a young age

  • Experiencing the design industry moved from analogue to digital & how this has changed her work

  • Louise’s slow journey into styling

  • Posting an image of her office on Instagram & the chain reaction this set off

  • Her experience in the design & homewares industry creating catalogues

  • How Louise’s business got started

  • The scary transition from stable full-time to freelance work

  • Teaching herself photography

  • How her work in catalogues shaped her editorial photography practices

  • How Louise charges for her services with a package structure

  • Working with both commercial & editorial clients

  • Advice for those who want to work in the interiors or styling industry




Podcast production: Yaga Media

Natalie Walton