It doesn’t matter if you’re mid renovation (and overwhelmed by ALL of the decisions you need to make), want to give your home a refresh or are trying to solve a floor plan dilemma, Natalie can help give you the clarity and confidence you need to make progress and create a space you’ll love. She can’t wait to offer her expertise and guide you on the decisions and direction you need to take — at home or with your career. She is ready to answer all of your questions!

Simply book a consult to share your space and ask questions in real time. You can even put together a simple presentation to make the most of your time together. Or have a one-to-one chat and make the process of creating a home easier and more enjoyable!


Natalie Walton is an interior designer and stylist as well as founder and creative director of Imprint House, a design studio and retail store, based in Byron Bay, Australia. She is best known for her simple timeless style, and embracing natural, sustainable and healthy materials in her projects. The interiors she designs are warm and inviting yet also practical for everyday living.

Natalie is the bestselling author of ‘This is Home: The Art of Simple Living’ and ‘Still: The Slow Home’. She is also a teacher to thousands of students across the world, and in more than 40 countries through her masterclasses on design & decoration and styling. Her work has been featured in publications across the globe, including Elle Decoration UK, Martha Stewart Living, House & Garden and many more. She was also deputy editor at award-winning Real Living magazine for five years, and has worked as a freelance stylist for magazines and brands for more than a decade.

Over the past 20 years she has renovated several homes and more recently worked closely with clients to create their dream homes and holiday rentals. Natalie has the experience and insider knowledge to help solve your design dilemmas. Her expert advice can help you create a clear vision for your project as well as overcome decision fatigue. Whether you are at the start of your design journey or need to pull it all together with styling and finishing touches, Natalie can offer her expert advice to bring your ideas to life.


1:1 video consultations will allow you to have the advice of an interior designer without having the expense of engaging one throughout the entire design process. It gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered and is great for streamlining the design process by talking to someone who has done it all before, making time-consuming decisions fast.

The consultation involves connecting with Natalie in a 1:1 55-minute video consultation to discuss your space, your design decisions and any other questions you might have for her.



Natalie can advise on:

  • Floor plan layout

  • Choosing colours & wall treatments

  • Materials selection

  • Furniture & home decor selection and placement

  • Lighting selection

  • Stores and brands to explore

  • Sustainable building choices

  • Styling rooms, spaces & surfaces

  • Career advice for aspiring designers & stylists

  • Instagram content & growth



Simply purchase a consultation by clicking the product below and following the prompts. You will receive an email to book in your consultation on the available day/s in the calendar. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your video session.


If you live locally, (within 1 hour of travel time from Byron Bay), you can book a 1:1 in person consultation. After purchase, we will be in contact as soon as possible to schedule a consultation time. Any questions, please email team@nataliewalton.com



+ How does a consultation work?

The consultation will be on a Zoom video call. Prior to your consultation, our team will send you an email invitation with a link to join the video call at your booked time slot. You will have a face-to-face video call so you can share any materials you have on hand and even show Natalie your space virtually. This time is your own so use it how you wish.

+ How do I download Zoom?

You can download Zoom by visiting https://zoom.us/download and downloading 'Zoom for client meetings' and following the prompts. Alternatively, when you click on the invitation email link, you will be prompted to either download or launch the application. We recommend installing it ahead of the interview so you don't lose any time with Natalie waiting for it to download.

+ What should I prepare beforehand?

We recommend creating a simple document so that your time can be used effectively and you can get all your questions answered. This could include a list of questions to ask Natalie, your moodboards, furniture, lighting and materials selections, sketches, photos and inspiration images, although it doesn't need to. You can also keep it simple with some prepared questions and take notes throughout.

+ How much can I achieve in a consultation?

With years of design experience, Natalie will be able to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. You will finish the consultation with a fresh outlook on your space, new ideas and an understanding of the next steps to take.

+ How is a video consult different to e-design?

You will get to experience a one-to-one real-time consultation, accessing Natalie's expertise, advice, guidance and support for your design project. In contrast, e-design often is a remote package-based service, providing detailed concept plans, room design or layouts by someone with less industry experience. Real-time video consultations provide immense value in having your questions answered by someone who has a strong sense of style in comparison with deliverables that might not be as informed by aesthetic judgements.

+ What timezone are booking times displayed in?

Before booking your appointment, you have the option to select your timezone. This means, the booking times will be converted to your local timezone.

+ What if Natalie's available timeslots or days don't work for me?

If none of the available times work for you, please email us at team@nataliewalton.com for updated availability.

+ What is your cancellations policy?

We know plans can change at short notice, so we are happy to accept cancellations up to 72 hours beforehand for a full refund. If you cancel your consultation within 72 hours of the time your consultation is due to begin, you will be charged the full consultation price. To cancel a consultation, email us at team@nataliewalton.com

+ Can I gift a consultation?

You can purchase a gift voucher for a consultation via this link. We will email your recipient as soon as possible with a custom email and booking options.