Ky Drury on How To Charge For Your Interior Design Services


Not sure how much you should charge for your interior design services?

Come listen to my conversation with interior designer Ky Drury of Studio Haus Co, a design studio she runs with her daughters.

We talk about working out what to charge, getting your first clients and how to outsource the parts of the business that are not your greatest strengths.

If you’re starting out in business and want to grow an interior design practice, this is an episode not to be missed!


  • Being artistic as a child

  • Ky’s journey to where she is now

  • Her experience hosting weddings & styling

  • Her first big project ‘The Grove’

  • How Ky’s style has evolved

  • How Studio Haus Co charges for her services

  • Advice for getting more clients

  • How you can use Instagram strategically

  • Studio Haus Co’s approach to interior design & their different types of projects

  • Working with her two daughters & how this relationship has grown

  • Rebranding her business

  • How Ky manages her team & clients

  • The value of working with a business coach

  • Listening before asking questions




Podcast production: Yaga Media

Natalie Walton