5 Favourite Storage Essentials


When it comes to keeping my home organised, there are some pieces that I’ve been using for years and you might find useful in your own spaces. You might already have some of these pieces, and just see them in a new light.  

1. Market Baskets

I love any type of storage basket that can double-duty. We use market baskets to store hats, kindling, beach gear, and of course use them for our weekly farmers’ market visits. We have one in each car to store items like sunscreen, a blanket and tissue box. We always take one on the school run in case we need to stop at the store on the way home to buy milk or any other daily essentials. They are strong, practical and timeless. I’ve been using them for too many years to count. If you don’t have a market basket, you should consider investing in one. They last for years too!

2. Bolga Baskets

Another type of storage basket that I use throughout my home. These can be used to take to the market (their wide opening prevents fragile items such as eggs, herbs or bread from getting crushed) and look beautiful on display at home. We use them to store library books, children’s toys such as wooden blocks, marble runs, etc, and I also use them to store interior design material samples.

3. Glass Jars

We use glass jars in so many ways around our home. Yes, for storing pantry staples such as pasta, lentils, nuts, etc. But we also use them to store leftovers in the fridge (rather than plastic containers). I’ve given one to my son to keep his dental floss and other daily toiletries. I use one to store cotton balls in the bathroom. My daughter uses them to store her sewing threads and needles. So many uses! Most of our jars are repurposed from when we have bought sauces, sauerkraut or jams.

4. Timber Hooks

I love hooks! They are such a great way to get objects off the floor and give them a home. We use peg rails in our hallway, which is basically a row of hooks so great for hanging school bags, hats or baskets. You can also use these in your kitchen to hang scissors, trivets and more.

5. Floating Shelves

If you need a more robust storage solution, floating shelves are great. They get the clutter off the floor, and create more usable space. They also give you the opportunity to display some of your favourite objects. When space is tight, they aren’t as deep as a cupboard so can provide more flexibility. One of the first pieces of furniture that I designed was the Kōyō Shelving Unit, which is narrow so it fits into a range of spaces, but deep enough to store jars, cups or glassware.


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