The Styling Masterclass


“Your class helped me connect
so many dots. My journey was a lot easier after that point because
things just made a lot more sense.
I had a roadmap.”

Jen Paul
Former Studio McGee Stylist
& Current Interior Stylist
Utah, USA


Photography by Rebekah Westover


Photography by Rebekah Westover

Photography by Rebekah Westover, Interior design by Angel Darghese


What students say…

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Completing Natalie Walton’s styling course was the first time I’ve invested in ‘me and my dreams’! I’ve learnt so much and love that I can keep returning to the modules to refresh. For me, the most helpful lesson was learning to define
& discover “my style”.
To work out what “I” truly love
and what sparks joy to me.
— Alana Clark, NSW, Australia
I always seek out the best coach or the best nutritionist, and I decided if I really want to know how to do this, then I want to learn from someone who has a wealth of experience. And I had your book on my coffee table. When someone said that she was taking Natalie Walton’s class, I decided – this is it.
I have to do it.
— Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Pure Collected Living, Florida, USA
I took The Styling Masterclass at a time in my life when all I wanted to feel was safe. I learned not only how to make my home feel like a safe haven and a place that I could be a better person,
but I also learned how to be grateful
for what I already had. The Masterclass helped me see my home with
different eyes.
— Lashawna Taylor, The Netherlands
I absolutely loved this class! I am in the process of changing careers and felt a bit lost as to where to start and then I found Natalie’s page and so grateful I did. This is unlike many interiors courses I have researched. The amount of information Natalie has put together for students is an absolute gift.
— Diana Frantom, Olive & Stone Dwelling, California, USA
I absolutely LOVED this course. I’m an interior designer and wanted to hone my styling skills as I feel this is what really makes a space feel like home.

This course was the perfect mix of theory, principles, real-life practice along with so much positivity and business advice. I’m so happy to have this program in my toolkit and grateful to Natalie’s teachings and positive energy throughout.
— Karla Dreyer, Karla Dreyer Design, Canada
You can never learn too much. Even as a stylist myself, I wanted to improve my skills and learn from someone with more experience and Natalie’s course was perfect for me. The notes each week covered each topic in detail and the videos were helpful in seeing the process coming together. I thank Natalie for her feedback, as I learned so many things during this process. I look forward to working on my own styling jobs and seeing how differently I now do things after completing Natalie’s course.
— Jacinda, Hide & Sleep Interiors, Australia
I recommend The Styling Masterclass to anyone who is interested in interiors (professional or not) as it guides you to bring forth your authentic style with confidence to any creative project.

”You can have any interior style and still benefit from the course, it’s not about trying to look like something or someone else.
— Anisa Filonia @anisafilonia
The styling knowledge, tips and everything Natalie shares in this course is amazing. I learned to embrace my own home with its imperfections and use them as a starting point. Adding a story and personality to a home, and being true to its DNA is an approach I aim for in my styling work now, and this course gave me the confidence to do that.
— Aisling O'Regan, Italy
Natalie’s course was a game changer!
It has allowed me to see my own home in a new light. It was incredibly valuable, allowing me to not only learn from my own spaces but from others as well.
— Aino Saara Boyer @ainoboyerinteriors

“The Styling Masterclass has seriously been a life changing experience for me personally, and professionally. It has taught me many key components that make a big difference in my daily home and professional life that have changed the way we live, and style our home for the better.”

— Erin Weil, @thegreydesigner





“One of the best things
I ever did.”

A Stylists Guide
Interior stylist & designer
California, USA

Nicoletta romei

“The best decision
I ever made!”

Interior stylist & designer
Bangkok & Milan



“Natalie is not only a wealth of styling information, but she is a wonderful teacher who really cares about your success.”

Event stylist, @daniellegibsonevents



"The Styling Masterclass
gave me the tools and confidence to develop a consistent style for my brand. Being part of this global community has set me on a path I am incredibly grateful to be on."

Photographer, @kinandclan, Western Australia


“The Styling Masterclass was in a league of its own — full of thoughtful and informative content that has transformed the way I approach styling a space.”




"I've learnt so many things.
And how to create my own style. It's been an amazing journey."

@jessdegeest, Amsterdam