10 Simple Steps to Slow Living from Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton


When were you last still?

This week marks the three-year anniversary of my second book Still: The Slow Home, which explores the philosophy of living SLOW: Sustainable, Local, Organic, Whole. 

The book features 20 stories of people from all around the world who have chosen to simplify and slow down their lives in different ways. 

If you, too, are taking steps towards living more mindfully, here are 10 simple steps to slow down and bring more stillness into your every day.

10 Simple Steps to Practising Slow Living

1. Create a vision

Consider how you want to live your life. You can only create the life that you can see. 

2. Develop a value framework

Make meaningful change based on a personal philosophy – and live by that.

3. Find your why

Have a clear sense of purpose to make the right choices.

4. Focus on priorities

Set boundaries around what’s most important in your life, and allocate your resources accordingly.

5. Take responsibility

Recognise the difference between a need and a want. And that you have a choice – from what you consume to how you live.

6. Let go

Worry less about how other people are living their lives. Care less about attaching status to objects, and measuring them as a sign of self-worth. Let go to move forward.

7. Switch off

Disconnect to reconnect with yourself and what matters most. Create community in real life.

8. Live in the now

Become awake to the real beauty of your life. Reclaim what’s most important.

9. Cultivate good feelings

Pay attention to when you feel good or energised. Cultivate and nurture these strands of your life.

10. Embrace SLOW living one step at a time

Consider Sustainable, Local, Organic, Whole choices. Develop a rhythm that works for your life, and find pleasure in the process.

“You are your choices.” – Seneca

Everyone’s path is different, but home is at the heart of every story. Here are seven spaces from STILL: The Slow Home that capture the essence of living slowly and simply.

Juli Daoust Baker & John Baker, Stirling, Ontario, Canada | Photography by Chris Warnes

Ameé & Glen Allsop, East Hampton, New York, USA | Photography by Chris Warnes

Jan Eleni Lemonedes & Ronnie Stam, Trancoso, Brazil | Photography by Chris Warnes

Romi Weinberg, Sydney, Australia | Photography by Chris Warnes

Kasia Bilinski & Matthew Murphy, Callicoon, New York, USA | Photography by Chris Warnes

João Rodrigues, Lisbon, Portugal | Photography by Chris Warnes

Mercedes Lopez Coello, Moscari, Mallorca, Spain | Photography by Chris Warnes