How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Sanctuary


The bedroom is where we wake every day and retreat to rest and restore our bodies at night. It should be conducive to relaxation and maintaining healthy sleep habits.

Simplifying your bedroom allows you to create a sanctuary where you can start and end your day on a good note. Here are three easy ways to streamline your sleeping space:  

1. Constrain your palette

The more bright, bold colours you introduce into a room, the less calm it will feel. To create a more tranquil space, try constraining your palette to just a few colours, or simply keep everything tonal, incorporating creams, natural, and white. When you step back and take in the room as a whole, you’ll quickly spot the elements that distract from your new calm, cohesive palette. 

2. Take something away

One of the pillars of simplifying is embracing negative space. Interior designers and stylists use this technique to not only elevate spaces, but also help them feel more harmonious. 

When a bedroom is crowded with furniture or has too many objects on display—particularly on surfaces that are used daily, such as a dresser or nightstand—it leads to overwhelm. The more you reduce clutter in your bedroom, the better you will feel on waking in the morning. 

Retrace the steps of your morning and evening routines. What do you reach for daily? Is the path clear? Decide what can be removed, and then embrace (and preserve!) the negative space left behind.

3. give everything a home

For all that remains, consider using simple, easy-to-use storage solutions that will reduce visual clutter and give each item a home. These can be beautiful and practical, such as a decorative box on your nightstand for hand cream, or a woven basket for throw blankets. To display smaller items that live on a large surface, such as your favourite perfume or jewellery dish on your dresser, try clustering these objects on a small tray. This ‘grounding’ technique creates a more intentional look and makes it easier to keep surfaces neat and organised.


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