My Favourite Festive Decorating Ideas



Looking for some decorating inspiration this festive season? Here are some of my favourite ways to decorate spaces over the holidays.


1. Create a Foraged Focal Point

You can create an impact with your spaces with a simple yet stunning foraged display ABOVE your table. This has the added benefit of creating more room on the table for food and dinnerware. I created this display with eucalyptus leaves and baby’s breath. Hang from hooks with (invisible) fishing wire.

Plates from Imprint House.


2. Embrace Fluid Forms

If you want to introduce an elevated look and feel to your spaces embrace fluid forms with the use of your tablecloths and textiles. Creates a sense of volume and opulence.

Pendant from Imprint House.

3. Use a Cohesive Colour Palette

You don’t have to opt for traditional rich shades of green and red with your festive decor. Instead, consider a constrained colour palette within one hue. As an added festive touch, I used “Christmas Bush” in vintage clay pots.

Vintage pots from Imprint House.


4. Mix Raw and Refined
To create more visual appeal try mixing raw and refined materials such as chunky concrete ceramic plates and elegant glass carafes with brass cuffs. Also, try artisanal chairs alongside textural seagrass rugs. The delight is in the mix.

Glass carafe from Imprint House.

5. Try Unexpected Elements
Embrace unexpected elements in your spaces. Go outside (if the weather permits). Hang an array of pendants. Display bountiful produce. And have fun!

Pedants from Imprint House.