5 Styling Tutorials To Elevate Your Interiors



There is an art and science to styling. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration, take a look at my most popular styling videos, with tips and tricks to apply to your spaces.


1. How to Style Kitchen Shelves

* Display your most beautiful objects. Save all the practical products and objects for behind cupboard doors.
* Create groupings of similar objects to create more visual 'weight' — this is important for the smaller-type objects you often find in kitchens.
* Include a mix of materials, textures, and forms to create visual variety. It encourages the eye to linger longer.

Also, I get asked so often about this shelving unit — it's one that I designed and had made locally in Byron Bay. It's available in my shop Imprint House.


2. How to Style a Hallway

* Introduce a rug to define the space.
* Add furniture as a visual anchor. If you've got a narrow space, use a bench.
* Introduce height — a mirror, artwork, peg rail (with beautiful baskets, including family-sized).

3. How to Style a Sideboard

* Start with a focal point or 'hero' piece.
* Introduce books in stacks (take off the book jackets if you want a more cohesive look).
* Add art to introduce to introduce height.

Broom from Imprint House


4. How to Style Books

* Have a sense of weight on the bottom shelves, such as bigger books or darker spines.
* Mix horizontal and vertical spines for visual interest throughout your shelves.
* Intersperse favourite ceramics and decorative objects, and opt for more organic forms to offset the linear nature of the books (and shelves).
* If you don’t like the colour/cover of the book, take off the jacket — often what’s beneath is a beautiful neutral.
* Controversial with some, but turn the spines so you see the page ends if you want a more subtle palette.

Kōyō Shelves from Imprint House.

5. How to Display Art

* Start with a larger piece that will anchor the space.
* Taper down or create a spiral-like effect around the artwork.
* Have a consistent element, such as the tones of the works, the material or colour of the frames.

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