74. 10 easy ways I've simplified my life


When there's so much noise out there, how can you find a way to reconnect with your own thoughts, and get clarity on what you really want? One thing is for certain, the more we simplify, the easier life gets. But we have to be proactive to create a life that feels good (on the inside, as well as the outside).

In this episode, I'm sharing 10 ways I've simplified my life and how these steps have helped me reclaim my time and energy, enabling me to focus on what matters most. I hope they encourage you to find your own path to health and happiness in your home and life.

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  • How less decisions can create more clarity

  • The time not having a television can create

  • The mental space that social media breaks can bring

  • Limiting your family’s screen-time

  • Nourishing your body with whole foods

  • Creating space on weekends by saying no to certain commitments

  • The benefits of a neutral capsule wardrobe

  • The importance of prioritising sleep


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Natalie Walton