75. Abigail Ahern on embracing your DNA to create interiors that feel good


What does it take to become a successful interior designer, run a thriving retail store and become a world-renowned author? Abigail Ahern pulls back the curtain on all of the biggest lessons she’s learnt over the past 20 years since she launched her eponymous brand after returning from America, where she worked as an interior designer. Come listen to how to create a home that feels good, and the biggest lessons she’s learnt in interiors and business over a long and successful career.

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  • Being creative & drawn to interiors from a young age

  • Working for Terence Conran

  • Abigail’s experience working as an interior designer & how she got into the industry

  • Building confidence & not being scared to take a leap of faith

  • Abigail’s distinct interior style & how it’s evolved

  • Starting her homewares shop

  • Using ‘how the room makes you feel’ as a starting point for interiors

  • The biggest lesson she’s learnt when creating interiors

  • The difference between layers & clutter

  • Retail business advice

  • Tips for tapping into your own personal style


Podcast production: Yaga Media

Natalie Walton