80. Jen Paul on styling for Studio McGee and the importance of intention


Sometimes we can find ourselves on a path that doesn’t feel right, or aligned with the life we really want to live. About 10 years ago, Jen Paul decided it was time to make change, and take steps towards the career she really wanted. Soon after making that decision she was hired as an interior stylist for Studio McGee, and has since launched her own prop and interior styling business. We met when she decided to upskill and joined The Styling Masterclass. Come listen to her journey, and how being intentional has served her well in both her career and life.

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  • How she found her way to a career in styling

  • Her experience doing my course The Styling Masterclass

  • How her style has evolved over the years

  • Jen’s experience working with Studio McGee

  • How she approaches styling for photoshoots & sourcing props

  • Making a conscious shift to align her values with her life

  • How she structures her weeks/months to make the most out of her work & family life

  • How she charges for her services

  • Tips for small business owners


Podcast production: Yaga Media

Natalie Walton