‘The best investment I ever made!’



The Styling Masterclass




The step-by-step system to transform your interiors
with clarity and confidence,
& make your creative dreams a reality.



Do you ever wonder why your interiors or images
don’t look like the ones you really love?


The truth is, creating beautiful interiors is simple when you know the right steps, but most people go about it the wrong way.

Maybe you’ve experienced this: you’ve tried to make changes
but your interiors don’t look the way you want,
and you’re left with spaces that don’t look or feel right,
and you’re struggling to stand out in the crowd or create an impact.

That’s why I created The Styling Masterclass —
it’s the only program that not only simplifies the art & science of creating beautiful interiors, but also helps you
make a living doing what you really love.

Because the most inspiring spaces are created
when you know how to create a clear and compelling vision, can infuse interiors with your Signature Style and feel confident transforming any space (even if you or your clients have small budgets).

If you want to create visual stories that connect and create impact
and curate a portfolio of work that you can share proudly,
you need to know how to take your interiors to the next level.

Learning how to style using my proven methods and techniques
is your best opportunity to not only transform your interiors
but attract your ideal customers or clients so you can
make more money doing what you love!

It’s time to take your interiors to the next level
& make your wildest creative dreams possible!



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Are You Next?


Does This Sound Like You?


✔ You’ve tried – and you keep trying – to make the most of your spaces but you just can’t get them to look the way you want.

✔ You love the world of interiors but are not sure how to actually make money from your passion. It feels like you’ve just got an expensive hobby.

✔ You keep getting distracted by what everyone else is doing and want to finally feel confident knowing and sticking to your own style.

✔ You want to take your interior design or photography services to the next level so you can attract your dream clients, and get more publicity for your projects.

✔ You want to create more impact (and make more money!) from your Airbnb or homewares shop.



Creating beautiful interiors can be easy, and make you money!


Enjoy the process of creating beautiful interiors with ease,
without worrying if
you’re ‘doing it right’.


Transform your interiors, gain new opportunities and turn your
passion into a profit.
It’s time to make money!



Grow your interiors-related business to stand out from
the crowd and create
connections that convert. 



The Styling Masterclass

The leading online training program for values-driven
creatives who want to take their interiors to the next level,
and make money doing what they love.


Just Imagine…

How would it feel to see your spaces on the cover of a leading magazine or a beautiful coffee table book?

And what would be possible if your images went viral, and you could generate publicity for your projects?

What impact would it have on your career and business if you could learn a skill that could not only help you make your interiors the best they can be, but also reconnect with your creativity, and love of interiors, to explore a new and exciting chapter in your life.

And what if you knew how to take any interior to the next level and create captivating images to attract your dream customer or client? What would that make possible for you and your creative business?



It’s Time to Create
with Clarity and Confidence


The Styling Masterclass gives you not only the exact process to transform your interiors – to help you make more money doing what you love – but also the tools and resources to take that “whisper within” to pursue your dreams, and turn it into the life you really want.



Have a Clear Vision for How You Want Your Interiors to Look and Feel so You Can Create
with Confidence


Learn How to Work with What You’ve Got so
You Don’t Waste
Your Time or Money

Stop Liking Too Many Different Styles (& Getting Sucked in by Trends) and Know What Suits Your Spaces Best


Have a Framework to Follow and Access to Tools & Techniques to Simplify the Styling Process

Get a Clear Process to
Edit Your Collections
& Elevate Your Interiors
to Create Impact


Be Confident Taking Magazine-Quality Photos with Your Phone
to Help Sell Your
Product or Services

And… Feel reconnected and inspired with what YOU love.



in focus_cover.png


Learn a proven process and insider tips, tricks and insights that I’ve learned the hard way from working as a professional interior stylist for more than 15 years, and know how you can apply these ideas to your own home or interiors product or service.

Done for you: 6 in-depth modules, 50+ lessons, weekly workbooks + more so you can create with confidence.



Each week you’ll also get resources on how to start & grow your creative business – including everything from branding to building a profitable business to photography and making an impact on social media.

Done for you: 10+ downloadable
checklists and cheat sheets to
keep you on track.



One of the best and easiest ways to learn a skill is to follow a step-by-step process. And that’s what these How-To Videos are – a way for you to see real life examples of how to style key areas of your home.

Done for you: 30+ how-to style videos so you don’t have to second-guess your next best move any more.



Connect with a community of
like-minded creatives
24/7 from around the world in an exclusive private group so you don’t have to go it alone on your creative journey. No Facebook required!

Done for you: FAQ vault to have your questions answered instantly and at your fingertips.



Take your learnings to the next level when you put ideas into practice. Weekly styling challenges that you can share in the TSM community to help you keep motivated, encouraged and accountable.

Done for you: 6 challenges to help you improve using what you’ve already got – no spending required.



Revisit training sessions, course notes, videos and more as part of your lifetime access so that you don’t have to rush to complete the work, and get to take The Styling Masterclass as many times as you like for free as long as this course exists.

Done for you: Easy access to transcripts and audio files so you can listen at home or in the car.





It’s Time! Take Your Interiors To The Next Level

Get the ultimate step-by-step process
to take your interiors to the next level
with clarity and confidence, and make
your creative dreams a reality.




SAVE $$$ NOW 〰️


Savings to pay for the course!


Exclusive discounts with your favourite brands.




Learn online at your own pace.

The Styling Masterclass is 100% online so you can participate anywhere in the world at any time that’s convenient to you — now or in the future. All thanks to lifetime access.

Go through the material each week as it’s released, or if life gets in the way (which sometimes happens, it’s okay), you can work at a pace that best suits you and your rhythms and routines, and family life.





How The Styling Masterclass Can Help You To…




Your Step-by-Step Framework to Style Interiors with Clarity & Confidence

In This Module:
✔  Learn how to apply your style to ANYTHING you want to create – from a product to a project, home or space.
✔  Get an easy-to-follow formula to improve any type of interior, and make it Instagram and magazine-worthy.
✔  Use my secret process for editing spaces and the ONE question you can ask yourself to simplify decision-making that works every time.
✔  Discover the 3 steps to guarantee styling success and increase your confidence. 
✔  Get my photo shoot planning process to take the stress and worry out of styling, and how to create time to let the magic happen.

“The Styling Masterclass is in a league of its own... that has transformed the way I approach styling a space.”
—  Tanya Hawkins, @tarnished_happiness, Australia


Make Feel-Good Interiors:
Harness the Power of Visual Storytelling

In This Module:
✔  The key to creating interiors that feel as good as they look and stand the test of time.
✔  Discover the 4 steps of visual storytelling to elevate your interiors and attract your dream clients & customers.
✔  How to leverage your choices to create the biggest impact with everything you create.
✔  Learn 5 ways to enhance the mood of your spaces so you create irresistible interiors.
✔  Get my insider guide to buying and displaying art with confidence so you stop worrying that you’re doing it all wrong.

“I have been blown away with the resources and organisation of The Styling Masterclass… I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their imagery and content.”
— Phoebe Duff, Shelter & Gather, Western Australia


How to Create Interiors So Good That New Doors Open For You

In This Module:
✔  Get my personal process to turn your creative dreams into a reality to know your next best move, and make the process d0-able and your goals easy to achieve.
✔  Discover the 3 steps to achieve any result – without feeling overwhelmed.
✔  Learn easy ways you can profit from interior styling, and the steps to make it happen.
✔  The 10 simple strategies to help your interiors stand out from the crowd so you can leverage them for maximum impact and income.
✔  The most effective way to create an image bank of your work, so you can always harness new opportunities.

“One of the best investments I have ever made. The growth I’ve experienced is so rewarding.”
— Nicole Byrtus, Sparrow Nest Design, Canada


How to Get Clear on Your Style, Guaranteed!

In This Module:
✔  Get clear on how to know and apply your unique style to your spaces and projects so they always look and feel good.
✔  How to filter inspirational images into a clear vision, without copying someone else’s look.
✔  The crucial question to ask to avoid wasting money on trends so you don’t make your interiors look dated before they’re even finished.
✔  Discover the best place to start styling your spaces, and why it’s not where you think!
✔  Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to choose the right objects for your interiors, and the four questions you need to ask yourself before you buy anything.

“The Styling Masterclass has seriously been a life changing experience for me personally, and professionally.”
— Erin Weil, The Grey Designer, Wisconsin, USA


Transform Your Interiors –
Without Spending a Cent

In This Module:
✔  Discover the 4-step process I have developed to transform any space – and it’s got nothing to do with spending money.
✔  Get my 7 favourite styling tricks to easily elevate your interiors – yes, even if you’re a beginner.
✔  Learn how to “see” spaces like a stylist, and create the type of interiors that look like your favourites.
✔  How to turn what you love into interiors that stand out from the crowd.
✔  A foolproof way to improve your styling technique when you’re feeling stuck, and can’t get your space to look right.

“Thanks Natalie for opening my eyes, and changing my lens on how I see the world. What an amazing experience.”
— Penny Weatherstone, NSW, Australia


Fast-Track Your Creative Growth:
Insider Secrets of the Pros

In This Module:
✔  Learn the ONE strategy that will guarantee your creative & business growth.
✔  Discover the 3 easy ways you can work with what you’ve got – and reignite your creativity.
✔  How you can improve your skills every day, without sacrificing your precious time or money.  
✔  Connect with like-minded creatives to catapult your growth using my three favourite strategies.
✔  Leverage three key techniques to maximise your creative flow, and produce your best work. 

“Natalie is not only a wealth of styling information, but she is a wonderful teacher who really cares about your success.”
— Danielle Gibson, Danielle Gibson Events, Napa, California


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When does it start?

The course starts Monday 12th February and runs for 6 weeks, finishing Sunday 24th March 2024.


Choose The Styling Masterclass Plan That Works Best For You


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin


“Your class helped me connect
so many dots. My journey was a lot easier after that point because
things just made a lot more sense.
I had a roadmap.”

Jen Paul
Former Studio McGee Stylist
& Current Interior Stylist
Utah, USA


Photography by Rebekah Westover

Photography by Rebekah Westover


Photography by Rebekah Westover, Interior design by Angel Darghese


Get Started Right & Maintain Your Momentum



$499 VALUE

Learn How to Simplify Your Spaces Before Your Style
→ Exact steps to follow so you can get clear on how to declutter any space, without feeling overwhelmed.
→ Checklist to keep you on track.

$799 VALUE

Discover How You Can Do More in Less Time
→ Learn my streamlined system to manage time as a busy working mum of four children, running two creative businesses.
→ Get clarity on what you can apply to your own home & life in a step-by-step video training.
→ Save yourself hours of planning with my personal weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planners.

$999 VALUE

Earn Extra Passive Income From Your Home
→ How to make money from your home, applying the skills of what you’ve learned in The Styling Masterclass.
→ Learn the 7 ways you can start earning money from your home today.
→ Discover how you can leverage your interiors to turn your passion into a profit.


Extra Resources to Take You to The Next Level

How to Set & Stick to Your Goals
Finally, make your dreams a reality.
$1999 Value

All About Your Signature Style
Create authentic interiors that stand out from the crowd.
$999 Value

From Concept to Creation: The Roadmap to Cohesive Spaces
How to take an inspirational image to an inspiring interior,
without copying someone else’s look.
$999 Value

Smart Choices for Sourcing: Optimise Your Interiors with The Right Objects
Save yourself hours or searching with
my personal black book of suppliers, and more.
$999 Value

Styling Essentials: Strategies for Unstoppable Success
Additional resources to improve your skills —
no matter what type of space you style.
$999 Value

Getting Started With Photography
Learn how to take high-quality photos on your phone,
without the need for expensive equipment or technical know-how.
$299 Value

Share with Confidence: The Switch from Private to Public
Discover how you can harness the power of social media
to take your styling and potential reach to the next level.
$999 Value

Grow Your Creative Business & Bank Balance
Learn the key stages to growing a profitable business you love.
$1499 Value

Yes! You’re Getting over $11,089 in Advanced Trainings.
Because We Want You To Succeed.


We’re right here by your side.

When you join The Styling Masterclass you’ll get to
learn directly from leading interior stylist and designer Natalie Walton in group coaching sessions.

Ask questions, submit your work, get feedback and support.
This is your opportunity to learn and thrive.

Also, our team will help answer common questions about the course material for the 6-week duration of the program.

181019_Elk_N.W+Mayde0319 copy.jpg


The Styling Masterclass has the power to make your dreams a reality. Don’t love it? Email us within 14 days to submit your coursework and let us know. We’ll refund you your investment in full. No “cancellation fees”.



Kelly-Ann Baptiste

“I always seek out the best coach or the best nutritionist, and I decided if I really want to know how to do this, then I want to learn from someone who has a wealth of experience. And I had your book on my coffee table. When someone said that she was taking Natalie Walton's class, I decided – this is it. I have to do it."

Olympic Athlete &
Pure Collected Living
Florida, USA


“One of the best things
I ever did.”

A Stylists Guide
Interior stylist & designer
California, USA


“I absolutely loved this class! I am in the process of changing careers and felt a bit lost as to where to start and then I found Natalie's page and so grateful I did. This is unlike many interiors courses I have researched. The amount of information Natalie has put together for students is an absolute gift.”

Olive & Stone Dwelling
California, USA


Nicoletta romei

“The best decision
I ever made!”

Interior stylist & designer
Bangkok & Milan



The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Doors closed.

When does it start?

The course starts Monday 12th February and runs for 6 weeks, finishing Sunday 24th March 2024.

Choose The Styling Masterclass Plan That Works Best For You


They did it. So can you!

quotationmark copy.jpg
Completing Natalie Walton’s styling course was the first time I’ve invested in ‘me and my dreams’! I’ve learnt so much and love that I can keep returning to the modules to refresh. For me, the most helpful lesson was learning to define & discover “my style”. To work out what “I” truly love and what sparks joy to me.
— Alana Clark, NSW, Australia
I took The Styling Masterclass at a time in my life when all I wanted to feel was safe. I learned not only how to make my home feel like a safe haven and a place that I could be a better person, but I also learned how to be grateful for what I already had. The Masterclass helped me see my home with different eyes.
— Lashawna Taylor, The Netherlands
You can never learn too much. Even as a stylist myself, I wanted to improve my skills and learn from someone with more experience and Natalie’s course was perfect for me. The notes each week covered each topic in detail and the videos were helpful in seeing the process coming together. I thank Natalie for her feedback, as I learned so many things during this process. I look forward to working on my own styling jobs and seeing how differently I now do things after completing Natalie’s course.
— Jacinda, Hide & Sleep Interiors, Australia
I absolutely LOVED this course. I’m an interior designer and wanted to hone my styling skills as I feel this is what really makes a space feel like home.

This course was the perfect mix of theory, principles, real-life practice along with so much positivity and business advice. I’m so happy to have this program in my toolkit and grateful to Natalie’s teachings and positive energy throughout.
— Karla Dreyer, Karla Dreyer Design, Canada


Transforming your interiors is easy when you have the right tools & techniques.

190119B2byron-3342 copy.jpg

Hi, I’M Natalie Walton

I am an interior stylist with more than 15 years' industry experience having my work featured in leading interior and lifestyle magazines across the world, as well as author of the bestselling books This is Home: The Art of Simple Living, Still: The Slow Home, STYLE and the recently released Home by the Sea. Since 2018, I've been teaching thousands of creatives across the globe how to style with confidence, sharing the tools and techniques to transform their interiors and projects so they can live their dream life.


My work has featured in leading interior and lifestyle publications across the globe. I have styled homes that have appeared on covers. And my own homes have appeared in a range of publications, including Inside OutAustralian House & GardenReal Living and Elle. My images have also gone viral on all social media platforms, and appeared on high ranking Instagram feeds such as Goop, Airbnb and Martha Stewart Living.

logos - original - cropped - jpeg.jpg

What Sets The Styling Masterclass Apart?

5 years, 1000s of students from 50+ countries across the globe. There’s a reason why we’re the first choice of everyone from industry leaders – including some of the most in-demand interior stylists and designers, as well as published design authors – to interior lovers just like you.

In The Styling Masterclass you have exclusive access to expert feedback and personalised support to help you create with clarity and confidence, and achieve your goals faster than ever. You don’t have to do this alone.

Learn from leading interior stylist Natalie Walton who has been working in the industry as a professional interior stylist for 15+ years for magazines, books and brands. Don’t settle for less. Learn from a true expert who has learned on the job, and is sharing all of her hard-earned knowledge with you.

Feel at ease knowing that with our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, including the home and life you’ve been dreaming about for so long.


The Styling Masterclass
is right for you if…

✔ You are ready to finally make your interiors the best they can be, using what you’ve got and love so you can create stand-out spaces.

✔ You love interiors, and are ready to explore a new chapter in your career but are not sure of what’s possible for you.

✔ You know you need a step-by-step process to take your interiors to the next level, but don’t know where to start and how to make it happen.

✔ You’re tired of struggling to find your style, and uncertain of how to make your interiors feel authentic and cohesive, and are looking for a practical & proven framework to give you clarity and confidence.

✔ You want an expert guide to encourage and support you, and the accountability of a community of creatives to help you maintain the momentum over the coming weeks and months.


The Styling Masterclass is NOT right for you if…

✘ You prefer 1:1 coaching.

✘ You are looking for advice on how to renovate your home.

✘ You want to buy into the latest trends each season,
and copy and paste someone else’s look.




I’m new to styling. Is The Styling Masterclass really for me?

YES! This program has everything you need to learn how to style from scratch and apply your new-found skills to take any interior to the next level. No previous experience is required.


I am a successful stylist/interior designer/photographer/Airbnb host/homewares business owner. Can The Styling Masterclass still help me?

Absolutely! The Styling Masterclass has been designed to meet your needs wherever you’re at on your journey. We’ve had leading interior stylists and women with successful homewares brands, interior designers with bestselling books, and decor experts for television take this program.

The Styling Masterclass can help you feel reconnected with your creativity again, experiment and have fun, as well as take your skills to the next level. 


What if I’m about to travel or don’t have the time right now?

If you’re about to travel or have other commitments right now, you won’t miss out on anything. You can access all of the training material within the private course platform. All of the live sessions are recorded, and you can submit any questions you may have ahead of time. Plus, you can go back and revise the content or retake the program as many times as you like – for free!


Will I get direct feedback from Natalie?

Yes, you can submit your work and questions for the chance to get feedback from Natalie in one of the live sessions, and benefit from her 15+ years styling and design experience. While the program is not a 1:1 consultation or coaching program, it is a powerful group learning environment. Also, you receive all of Natalie’s knowledge within the program, and can get further feedback from your fellow students in the private community group.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can choose the payment plan that works best for you. Click here for more details.


How do I access the course content?

When you enrol in the program, you will be prompted to set a password for your Kajabi account. You will then receive a confirmation email with links to the online course and community page. Don't forget to check your promotional folders or junk mail in case it's gone there.


How do I access the private community group?

Once you’ve logged into the course on Kajabi, you can find a link to the private community here or on the course homepage.


Will I receive a certificate?

Yes — we will send you a short survey about your experience at the end of the course. Once you've filled this out, you will be eligible to receive your Certificate. Or email us at team@nataliewalton.com


What’s the difference between The Styling Masterclass and the D+D Masterclass?

The Styling Masterclass teaches you how to elevate any interior using what you’ve already got, and is suitable for any type of home – from rentals to recently renovated to a home that you might be planning to update or remodel “one day”. It also teaches you the skill of transforming interiors and spaces for photography and portfolios.  

In contrast, the D+D Masterclass is designed to help you create a masterplan for any interior project that you're working on. It is focussed on the options available to you to make physical and structural changes to your home, and will help you decide on which selections to make.


 If You’ve Read This Far…

It’s time to be honest with yourself about what you really want for yourself, and your life.

You are here for a reason.

You have read this far for a reason.

You have a desire within you that is ready and waiting for you to finally take action.

Remember, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


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Choose The Styling Masterclass Plan That Works Best For You