Are you making these styling mistakes?


How do you feel when you walk through your front door? Does your home bring your joy? Or does it make you feel frustrated and stuck?

Perhaps you’ve stopped noticing all the stuff that surrounds you, or the details that can make a difference to how your spaces function and feel.

Styling is how you can make your home the best it can be, without having to engage in costly renovations. Often, you can use what you already have and love.

But it’s easy to make some common mistakes when styling your spaces.

Here’s what to avoid.

1. Too many small objects

This is one of the most common mistakes I see when stepping into other people’s homes. They might have some beautiful objects but everything is a similar size. Instead, you need to play with scale to make your interiors more visually appealing.

2. Not enough “rhythm”

The most beautiful homes have a sense of rhythm with the placement of objects. What does this mean? Instead of having an even amount of space between each object, there is a variety of spacing – sometimes small, sometimes big. It is so often an overlooked element but really important to elevating any interior.

3. Overlooking layers

This mistake can go one of two ways – too much or too little. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that styling is just about adding decorative objects. While they are important, everything needs to be there for a reason. On the other hand, beware of stripping back your spaces too much. They still need to have personality and feel warm and welcoming. 

4. Neglecting volume

One of the best ways to create a focal point is to display objects en-masse. Sometimes this can be as simple as displaying one variety of fruit or vegetables in a large bowl on the kitchen counter or dining table. You could put a large pumpkin on the kitchen counter or a bowl of artichokes or avocados…

5. Forgetting about personal touches

We feel good in spaces that are created with heart and soul. It it important to make sure you express who you are in your home. Avoid buying everything at the one store and instead display a variety of pieces that you’ve collected over the years, including your favourite books and ceramics bought on your travels.


Learn the art & science of styling using a proven step-by-step system.

This is your chance to not only transform your interiors – but also reconnect with your creativity in a powerful way.

STYLINGNatalie Walton